I Know this game is a bit unfinished. It took me forever. I finally made a glitch effect on the car, you have to press R and restarts and shows off the effect.

I made everything Myself using Blender and Godot 3.1, except the music and sound effects.

It will probably run slow in browser especially if you're on a potato. Usually it won't run at all.


Manoeuvre-Windows.zip 13 MB
Manoeuvre-Linux.zip 15 MB
Manoeuvre-MacOSX.zip 16 MB


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Works for me on Windows 10. Dropped out into the void at the edge of map. Then I noticed that the task is to follow waypoints.


windows 7, chrome, 24GB Ram, GTX 1060.

Browser hangs after loading and after 30sec WebGL context just crashed.